Exclusive bus tour

In connection with the world championships, an exclusive bus tour is arranged in Nybro and its surroundings. We want to offer you the opportunity to experience part of the Kingdom of Glass

Read more: http://m.glasriket.se/en/tourbus
Published of Kjell Ek 07 oktober 2019
Mushers Dinner!

On Friday evening 25/10 we will have a nice dinner together.
If you have any allergies. Send an email to nybrodrag@hotmail.com with name, country, what class you are competing in and your allergies. There are some dinner tickets to buy. Will cost 20EUR for a ticket. (competitors eat for free)

  • Starter: Nachos with red taco sauce
  • Main course: Pita bread with pulled pork Tzatziki Pie with meat, tomato and cheese Spicy chop line Chicken drumsticks Potato salad Salad Freshly baked bread with butter
  • Dessert: Vanilla mousse with raspberries and blueberrie
Published of Kjell Ek 02 oktober 2019
Entries to the World Championships Dryland 2019

There are now more than 400 entries to the WCh Dryland in Nybro, Sweden! There are still some classes with not enough competitors to have WCh-status, but there is still a couple of days left until the last entry deadline, so there is time for late entries until October 3rd.

As stated in the Invitation, Championship status is given to the classes where at least seven (7) participants from three countries are represented except in Junior classes where at least three (3) participants from two countries are represented.

You will find the list with entries per country here. Because the last day to register names is Oct 10, now only the number of entries from each country is presented.

Published of Kjell Ek 30 september 2019
Mandatory Forms

Mandatory Forms for World Championships Dryland 2019 All participants racing in the IFSS World Championship Dryland in Nybro, Sweden October 23-27th 2019 must submit an IFSS Competitor Consent Form. For participants younger than 18 years old on the first day of competition an IFSS Guardian Form also must be submitted.

IFSS Competitor Consent Form has to be electronically signed in IFSS website (www.sleddogsport.net) under Driver ID/Member Login.
Team Leaders shall submit the IFSS Guardian Form with all the needed signatures to Vice President Sport, Eeva Äijälä, via email (sport@sleddogsport.net) IFSS Guardian Form can be found from IFSS website under Events/World Championships/WCh Dryland 2019, Sweden. Deadline to return the signed forms are Friday 18th October 2019.

Please note that in Member Login it is also possible to do many other actions, for example create a dog chip list.
In case of problems to log in to Member Login please contact IFSS Webmaster Kjell Ek (webmaster@sleddogsport.net).

Published of Kjell Ek 18 september 2019
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